HOP Module reference

HOP offers various modules or libraries that extend the functionality of the platform.

Authentication and authorization

  • buddy-auth.jwt-oidc - Library implementing a :duct.middleware.buddy/authentication compatible JWT token validation function for OpenID Connect ID Tokens.

  • rbac - Library that provides role-based access control.

  • session.re-frame.cognito - A library that provides re-frame events for managing AWS Cognito user sessions.

  • user-manager.cognito - A Library for interacting with the AWS Cognito User Pools API.

Object storage

Business Intelligence


CLJS Compilation

Messaging protocols


  • sql-utils - Thin convenience wrapper over clojure.java.jdbc.


  • encryption - A library for encrypting and decrypting arbitrary Clojure values, using caesium symmetric encryption primitives.

  • secret-storage.aws-ssm-ps - Library for managing secrets stored in AWS System Manager Parameter Store.


Electronic signatures


The listed modules have been developed with HOP in mind, and they have been designed to be effortlessly integrated in the HOP Platform. Nevertheless, they can be also used in non-HOP applications.