HOP Glossary

Here we define the glossary for the different terms referenced through all the documentation available in this website.


  • Generic name, to refer to the underlying technology.

HOP Platform

  • The code (backend, frontend, scripts, etc.) and tooling used to create, develop, maintain and run web applications (although it can also contain non-web sub-systems, like MQTT brokers, ML/AI services, etc.)

  • That is, a platform that helps to implement the software development life cycle of a web application.

HOP Command Line Interface tool

  • Can be abbreviated as “HOP CLI”, once the full term has been used for the first time. E.g., “You can use the HOP Command Line Interface tool (from here on, HOP CLI) to create …”.

HOP Application

  • The files in the git repository, plus the CI/CD infrastructure (not the files to run it, those are in the git repository, but the GitHub or Bitbucket infrastructure), plus the cloud/on-premises infrastructure used to run the web application.

HOP Project

  • Just the collection of files in the git repository.

Settings file

  • The file holding the HOP project/HOP application configuration settings.